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Hello from Smove Sydney!

We’re Sydney’s newest car sharing operator offering you a better transport alternative with the option for round trips or one-way trips to your destination.

We help take the hassle out of car ownership by handling all the troublesome bits such as fuel, insurance, rego, cleaning & maintenance. All you pay for is your booking duration, tolls & parking incurred during your trip, and mileage driven. Best thing about Smove is that you access all our vehicles with just your Opal Card. Say goodbye to troublesome tags or tricky keypad numbers.

And we also don’t take a deposit or lock you into a membership. Sound good?

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No deposits. No contracts. Ever.

Sign up for free because nobody likes putting down deposits, being locked into memberships or fussing over which plan is suitable for you.


Quick Activation & Even Faster Account Approvals.

Complete a simple 5-minute activation process and you’re good to go! No need to wait for additional access tags to be snail mailed to you because all our cars are accessible with just your registered Opal Card.


Go Places with Smove.

Make a booking and minimise your travel costs by enjoying the flexibility of picking up and dropping off our car at the same or at any of our Smove locations.

Meet Our Fleet

Smove Go
go category
Smove around Sydney hassle free and enjoy the flexibility of both one-way or return trips.

Make / Model
  • Toyota Prius C
  • Toyota Corolla Hybrid
  • Toyota Camry
Coming Soon
Smove Plus
plus category
Coming Soon
Smove Advance
advance category
Coming Soon
Smove Signature
signature category

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Smove Go


per 30 minutes

$0.20 per KM

or $100 for 24 hours inclusive of 150 KM of mileage

No deposits or memberships

Hassle free driving with fuel, insurance, rego, cleaning & maintenance all managed by Smove

Price excludes tolls and parking charges incurred during your trip

Enjoy trip flexibility for both round trip or one-way to your destination

Access the car with just your Opal Card


Smove Drive Reward Program
Unlike other car sharing providers, Smove rewards you for your using our service and reducing your carbon footprint with our exciting Smove Drive Reward Program. Watch this space!
Promotion is subject to end without prior notice, on company's discretion.


Pick up and drop off at any of our Smove locations

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How It Works

How to use a smove car
FREE Sign Up - (02) 4058 4058